Data Safety

Retired Assets are often stored for long periods, gathering dust and already written off the books, so it’s best to make sure that all units are accounted for and that ALL data has been securely erased, never to be retrieved, before allowing others to tamper with your old computers and servers.


We understand that your data is very sensitive and as such, needs to be destroyed before IT Assets are re-used or recycled. We re-write the binary code on your HDD randomly with as many passes as your standard requires, using BitRaser. In accordance with international standards, we recommend the US department of Defense Standard DoD 5520.22-M, which randomly re-writes the binary code over 3 passes. Sanitisation is achieved by overwriting the data with pseudorandom ones and zeros. Mico can sanitise drives according to the following standard levels:

  • Lvl-1: Single pass overwrite of 0
  • Lv1-1v: Single pass overwrite and verify
  • Lvl-3: Three pass overwrite and verify (DoD Standard)
  • Lv1-7: Seven pass overwrite and verify

We have sanitised HDD’s for the following companies in the past; please call us if you require a reference from any of the companies below:

  • National Prosecuting Authority Of South Africa
  • British American Tobacco
  • Old Mutual
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Rand Merchant Bank
  • Investec
  • And many more.


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