Recycle Responsibly

Recycle is the 3rd x R of the E Waste Cycle.

The recycling of E Waste is battling to keep up with the supply of E Waste coming out of Institutions, Corporations, Government Departments and Homes. And as such, Mico is limited by the constraints and restrictions within the South African E Waste system.  We are guided by EWASA (E Waste Association of South Africa) best practices. And by the National Environment Management Waste Act: 2008. And we are guided by the philosophy of lengthening the waste cycle to allow time for South Africa’s recycling infrastructure to keep pace with the daily needs mentioned above.

Help make a difference, get us to REFURBISH, RE-USE and RECYCLE your E Waste.

All recycled E Waste is certified and tracked by tag number. Click here for an example of an E Waste certificate.


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