Refurbish is the first of the 3 x R’s in the E Waste Cycle.

Mico has the largest Refurbishing Facility in South Africa and we refurbish more PC’s, laptops and servers than any other South African company. With well trained and energetic staff, assets are quickly checked and specked, data is wiped and Mainboards and HDD’s are replaced where necessary. Units are then tested using diagnostics software (brand and model specific). Finally, customised software is installed through our Microsoft RPK Server LAN’s.


Cleaning consists of an internal dust blow and an external stripping of stickers, followed by a clean and polish.

Refurbished assets can be re-used in a number of ways:

they can be put back to use within your organisation or as part of a staff buy-back scheme. Alternatively units can be donated to charity or sold to Mico as a way of maximising value to your organisation and minimizing the overall cost of the E Waste cycle.


Tel:+27 21 551 2279

Address:4 Platinum Crescent,
Marconi Beam,
Montague Gardens,
Cape Town