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Please note that we cannot list the costs for our services on our website due to the diverse nature of each request and the different quantities and conditions of assets and the services required.

1. We buy your old IT assets from you

Your old computers have value for a number of people. For example, users in an office run Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office on refurbished PC’s without any noticeable difference compared to using the same software on a new PC. First-time home users find refurbished computers to be a cost-effective way to get onto the internet and to increase their computer literacy levels. Mico can refurbish your assets back to their original factory operational condition and the income generated from the sale of these computers is paid back to you, minus the costs incurred for the refurbishment.

2. We dispose of retired IT Assets

In order to break the cycle of dumping future hazardous toxins, we try to Refurbish, Re-Use and Recycle retired IT assets. Mico will collect your retired assets and dispose of them in accordance with the National Environment Management Waste Act: 2008 and eWASA (e-Waste Association of South Africa) best practices. This ensures that your E Waste is disposed of or recycled in a way that is most beneficial to the environment.

3. We sanitise your data

We understand that your data is very sensitive and, as such, needs to be destroyed before IT assets are re-used or recycled. We re-write the binary code on your HDDs randomly with as many passes as your standard requires. We recommend the US Department of Defense Standard DoD 5520.22-M, which randomly re-writes the binary code over 3 passes. Sanitisation is achieved by overwriting the data with pseudorandom ones and zeros generated by BitRaser. Mico can sanitise HDDs according to the following standards:
  • Royal Canadian Mountain Police RCMP TSSIT OPS II (8 passes)
  • US Department of Defense DoD 5520.22-M Short (3 passes)
  • US Department of Defense DoD 5520.22-M (7 passes)
  • Gutmann Method (35 passes)

We can provide you with a reference from any of the following companies who have used our services to sanitise their HDDs:
  • National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa
  • British American Tobacco
  • Old Mutual
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Rand Merchant Bank
  • Investec

4. We can help empower your staff

New PC’s or laptops may be too expensive for many of your employees. We can refurbish your PC’s and sell them to your staff for a small fee for their personal use, enabling them to access information on the internet. We handle the sales process and the administration of payments (if required) and the support and warranty of the PC’s.

5.We donate your retired IT assets to the charity of your choice

Corporations often donate their computers to charity, but this gesture of goodwill can often become more of a headache than was intended. We take the hassle out of this process by handling the refurbishing, tracking, administration and set-up, and support of these computers.

6. We prepare an audit report of your retired IT assets

If you are unsure of the models and quantities of assets in your store or on your floor, we will perform a complete audit report that includes asset tags, model numbers and quantities of IT assets.

7. We prepare a condition report of your retired assets

This is an audit report with the added detail of the equipment’s specs and condition.


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